Courses Taught
POLS 1101 American National Government
WGSS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WST 4800/ POLS 3382 Women and Politics
POLS 325/525 Model United Nations
POLS 4800/5190 Post-Soviet Politics
POLS 4800/CRJU 4800 Politics of Transnational Crime
PO 280 Methods of Political Science Research
PO220 Current American Foreign Policy
PO 356 Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 201 Introduction to Political Theory
POLS 125 Global Politics and Business
POLS 3326 Human Rights
POLS 3350 International Relations
PO 321 Global Politics and Society
PO 322 Comparative Politics PO 323 Human Trafficking
PO 324 Politics of the Developing World

The blog for my Human Trafficking Research Lab at Millikin University where undergraduate research assistants and I document our research process. Our lab is supported by an Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking, Office of Justice Programs U.S. Department of Justice, Award Number 2020-VT-BX-K026 Subgrantee $1,291,734.

Political science students and faculty with Representative Rodney Davis IL-13, also a political science alum of Millikin University.
POLS 1101 American National Government students tutoring local Advanced Placement High School Students as part of the Partnering Academics with Community Engagement Program.
POLS 3326 Human Rights class trip the National Museum of Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

POLS 654 students at the University of Kansas in a mock debate format, role-playing candidates from the 2012 Russian presidential election.

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